1. The Club will generally consist of 2 divisions:
    1. 2nd-3rd grade (7-9)
    2. 4th-5th grade (9-11)
  2. Players should register for their assigned division. However, the Club has authority to review and grant requests for special circumstances.  If older players play down, they will not be permitted to pitch.


  1. Check-In. Players must check in at each game and will receive a wristband for their game.  Players are encouraged to arrive 15-30  minutes before game start time.  At check-in, team captains will be assigned.  Once players check-in, they should run to their dugout and sign up on the batting order list.  In an effort to save time, field assignments will be pre-assigned, with each player assigned at least 2 innings in the infield.
  2. Number of Players. Scrimmage games may proceed with a minimum of 7 players per team, and each team may have a maximum of 12 players.  In the event a team has 10+ players present at the game, that team may play a 10th player on defense in the outfield only.  If a team has 11 or 12 players, only 10 may play defense, and the extra players must sit.  No single player will sit out more than one inning.  The number of players on each team will ideally be even, but the game can proceed even if it is not.  Remember, each game is intended to be a fun scrimmage and should not take the games too seriously.
  3. Game Start. Once game time is reached and the minimum number of total players has checked in, the Club will authorize the umpire to start the game.  
  4. Required Presence of Parents. For safety reasons, games cannot be “drop-off” activities.  Each player must have a parent/guardian present for the entirety of each game.  
  5. Formation of Teams, Field Positions & the Role of Captains. Teams and field positions will be assigned by the Club and will be different each game.  In an effort to keep the games moving at a faster pace, all pitchers must be “qualified” based on the qualification criteria established by the Club.   Team captains will be assigned by the Club at check-in.  The team captains will be in charge of managing the field and making changes as necessary during the game, such as when a pitcher becomes disqualified, or when a player is absent, comes late, or when there is an injury.  Team captains also have a tradition of giving away a game ball at the end of each game.
  6. Officiator.  So that the kids can enjoy pitching and catching in a developmental setting, an umpire will officiate each game.  The umpire will start the game, end the game, make all pitching calls, and make all field calls.  If there is a question about a field call, the umpire and team captains should resolve the dispute.  Parents should not get involved in advocating calls from the sidelines or dugouts.
  7. No Coaching. No coaching is permitted by players or non-players.
  8. No Parents on the Field. No parents/guardians should be on the field at any time, unless they are dealing with an injury or other safety issue.    
  9. No Scorekeepers. No scorekeepers are to be designated.  The players should keep track of runs for the purposes of implementing the mercy rule (see below).
  10. Mercy Rule for Runs Per Inning. In order to allow each team plenty of opportunities for offense and defense, each team at bat is allowed 3 outs or 5 runs per inning, whichever comes first.  However, games will not be called early due to high overall scores or score disparities.  
  11. 2-Hour Games. All scrimmage games will run 2 hours if they start on time.  If a game starts late, any delay will cut into the 2-hour game time period.  If the sun sets before the game is finished and field lights are not available, the game may end early to ensure the safety of the players.  At-bats will ideally be even, but they may not be.   Remember, each game is intended to be a fun scrimmage, and players should not take the games too seriously.


  1. Balls.  For the 2nd-3rd Group, safety balls will be used in all games.  (This is subject to change at the Club’s discretion based on the experience level of the players.) For the 4th-5th Group, hard balls will be used in all scrimmage games.  Game balls will be provided by the Club.
  2. Bats.  Bats are not regulated.  
  3. Batting Helmets. Batters must wear appropriate baseball helmets while batting and running.
  4. Catchers Gear. Catchers must wear full catcher’s gear, including a face mask, chest pad, protective cup, and shin guards. Catcher’s gear will be provided by the Club; however, it is recommended that players who enjoy playing catcher bring their own.  Catchers may use a regular baseball glove rather than a catcher’s mitt if desired.
  5. No Uniforms.  Uniforms are not part of the Club.  Players may wear any appropriate baseball attire. 
  6. Protective cups. Male players must wear protective cups.
  7. Field Use. The field may not be used for any other purpose than the game.  Each field must be promptly vacated after the game ends.
  8. Dugout Management. Two parents/guardians may be asked to oversee each dugout during the game.  Dugout parents are tasked only with ensuring the safety of the players while in the dugout and helping catcher’s with gear as needed.  They are not coaches and should not be managing the team, pushing team strategy, coaching runners, or instructing players on ball-playing.  


  1. Rain-Outs and Inclement Weather.  In the event of rain, field closures, or other weather issues, the Club will do its best to reschedule the game.  In the event a game cannot be rescheduled, a prorated refund will be issued.  
  2. Cancellation.  In the event an insufficient number of players registers to play in any particular game, the game will be cancelled, and refunds issued.
  3. Field Location Changes.  Field locations are subject to change.  If a change of field location is required, the new field will be somewhere in the Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley area.
  4. Sportsmanship.  All players and parents/fans must abide by general rules of good sportsmanship.  Foul or rude language will not be tolerated.  If poor sportsmanship on the part of the player or parent/guardian becomes a continual problem, a player may lose his or her membership in the Club.
  5. Rules Subject to Change. All rules are subject to change at Club’s sole discretion.